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Established in 1990, Anyang General International Co., Ltd (AGICO Group for short) has more than 20 years e-commerce foundation and deals principally in manufacturing and supplying railroad fasteners. It also establishes professional customized railroad projects and offers various railroad fasteners installing service. At this website, you can get detailed information on its fish plates, railroad fastening systems, and railroad fastening parts, etc.

Professional Chinese Leader in Manufacturing and Supplying Railroad Fasteners

Anyang General International Co., Ltd (AGICO Group) is a leading group in Henan province, P. R. China, renowned for manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of railroad fasteners, railway fittings, rail joint bars and rail accessories. Its products mainly includes: railway fastening systems, fish plates/joint bars, rail elastic clips, rail pads, rail iron plates, rail clamp, screw spikes, rail bots & nuts and others. Besides, it also offers WJ-7 and WJ-8 types of passenger railways, light rail products, and ordinary, shaped, and bulging rail joints.

Let us help you get your desirable railway fasteners that have excellent quality at the most reasonable price!
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  • Before delivery, AGICO inspect quality, specifications, performance and quantity completely. All of its goods have quality certificates and certificates of inspection. The bidding goods supplied by AGICO are in accordance with the tender documents, railway ministry's standards and contract. They try their best to ensure the quality, quantity, bidding and delivery schedule as predetermined. They are truly reliable!

    Romulo M. Awayancustomer
  • To ensure the correct installation and usage, AGICO offers free technical service. Moreover, they dispatch technicians for on-site training, and make sure our workers master technologies of installation and maintenance. They offer qualified products and value-added service. We really appreciate the large contribution that AGICO has made to our railway construction!

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  • After lots of comparisons, we choose AGICO to be our partner, cause their products are the most cost-effective. They offer excellent service to reduce our risk to the largest degree. They are always ready to solve our problems at any time. They are worthy being relied on. We trust them!

    Juan Jacobocustomer
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UIC railway fish plate

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