Insulated Rail Joint Specification

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Introduction of The Insulated Rail Joints

Railroad fish plates are commonly named as rail joints. They play a role in the joint of the track. It is generally made of metal materials. The insulated rail joints are bolted rail joints containing bonded insulation materials wrapped around each contacting surface to electrically isolate them. The insulated fish plates are all made of insulating materials. Most of the insulated fishplates are made of high-strength composite materials. They have the features of corrosion resistance, rust resistance, UV resistance, non-conductive performance and non-magnetic performance. In addition, they should be made of a thermosetting material and cannot be processed twice. So they are not afraid of theft.
AGICO insulated rail joints

Next, we will introduce the insulated rail joint specification.

Insulated Rail Joint Specification

The insulated rail joints are required to determine the presence and position of a train for the purpose of safe signaling system control. The railway components manufacturers china can produce various types of the insulated joints with different properties according to the type of force application, installation and manufacture. Their common advantages include: first, they offer the highest safety, reliability and durability in all climates. Second, all the insulated rail joints can be manufactured of steel (It is furnished with a high durable polyurethane coating) or polymer composites.

The insulated rail joints (i.e. the insulated fish plate) the railway components manufacturers china can supply include as follows:

Complete application of the insulated rail joints

For example, One set of glue insulation joint includes: 1 steel fish plate + 2FRP insulation liner + 4 (6) insulation sleeve (depends on the hole of the fish plate0 + 1 end post + bolt with nut and washer.

Raw materials of the insulated rail joints

As we know, the insulated rail joints, also known as fish plate, is a type of connecting fastener used for the connection between rails. The insulated rail joint is a kind of special fastener for connecting the two ends of the rails. They are manufactured in factories in a thermal process in order to wrap the insulation materials around the surfaces of all metallic components to ensure electrical isolation of each component. Their national standard is GB11265-89 in China. They are often manufactured by the materials such as ordinary carbon steel hot-rolled Q235-A, Q255-A, QT400-18. Or, they are made of composite materials directly.
insulated rail joint specification

According to the materials,we can know that:
Q235: The chemical composition of the steel (Smelting analysis) is less than or equal to 15kg/m and greater than 15kg/m

According to the models, they shall comply with Q235-A (or Class 3B steel) and Q255-A in GB700, respectively. (Or type 4B steel) regulations.

Of all of the insulated fishplates, one kind is typical product. They are made of high-strength, alkali-free glass fiber-impregnated epoxy resins that are made through high-temperature forming dies. The alkali-free glass fiber has been designed and calculated by the mechanics. It has direct yarn and continuous felt in various shapes. The Insulated fish plates are passed through a series of mechanical strength tests and electrical performance tests in the factory. Only the qualified products can leave the factory. Now railway components manufacturers china have mastered the technology.

Types of the insulated rail joints

The type of the insulated rail joints can meet different steel rails:

  • A. Light rail: 8kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg, 22kg, 24kg, 30kg

  • B. Heavy rail: 38kg, 43kg, 50kg, 60kg, 75kg

  • C. Lifting rail oblique joint: 43kg, 50kg, 70kg, 80kg, 100kg, 120kg

Model and theoretical weight of the insulated rail joints

9KG refers to 0.81kg; 12KG refers to 1.39 kg; 15KG refers to 2.20 kg; 22KG refers to 3.80 kg; 30KG refers to 5.54 kg.

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