Railroad Fasteners Supplier

AGICO GROUP’s railroad fasteners are mainly divided into three categories: Fishplates, Rail Fastening System, and Railroad Fastenings. Fishplate is our advantage product and we have the largest production base for fishplates in Asia. Insulate joint bar and compromise joint bar are popular in customers. Railway fastening system is composed of a set of railway fasteners, we can provide a variety of rail fastening systems for concrete sleeper and wooden sleeper. SKL3/SKL12 rail fastening system, KPO, type WJ-8, spring blade fastening system are hot sellers. The third kind of main railroad products are all kinds of railroad fastenings needed on the railway. Dog spike, railway turnout frog, rail washer, rail nuts, and other railroad fastenings can meet all of your requirements.

Best Railroad Solutions What We offer

In addition to providing quality rail fastenings to users, we also customize the railway service of railroad solutions for customers. We have many successful railway services for our customers all over the world, such as rail line maintenance project solution for high speed rail in Sumatra Island, new Guangzhou station subway rail solution, American fasteners solution for US railway regular maintenance project and so on. In addition to customizing railroad solutions, we are pleased to provide customized railroad fasteners for you. We can produce according to the drawings you provide. And we can provide railway equipment free samples for your testing and inspection.

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Want a rail fastener free sample?
Professional Leader in Manufacturing and Supplying Railroad Fasteners

We have been engaged in the business of railroad fasteners for 60 years, and we have trained a number of excellent technical research and development experts. Some of them are familiar with all types of rail fastening, and some have studied railroad tracks parameters for many years. Our production workshops have perfect operating standards to ensure that every railroad spike and every fishplate has quality assurance. Our workshop workers are more experienced in production and can skillfully operate every step of railroad fasteners production. We have an independent production workshop for fishplates, fastener clip, railroad sleeper, base plate, t bolt and railroad tracks, which can guarantee the production demand of large orders.

Various of Rail Parts Made by AGICO

AGICO has produced hundreds of railroad fasteners with different standards and different materials. Products relate to all parts of the railway system.

How to Make Spring Clips?

From material preparation to spring clip casting, then to coating process and spring clips packing. Every link has strict requirements and control.

Rail Clip Fatigue Test

Elastic rail clips fatigue test is an important test procedure before its shippment. Unqualified elastic rail clip will not be delivered to customers.

Making Process of Hex Bolt, Anchor Bolt and Fish Bolt

We have molds and production lines for producing different track bolts, such as t bolt, hex bolt, anchor bolt and fish bolt, etc.

Tesfaye Kebede

We have worked with a number of rail fastener suppliers, but the quality of railroad fasteners is always unable to meet the requirements of our company. We decided to cooperate with AGICO after we got a fishplate sample one day. Until now, many of our fastener products come from AGICO. They are trustworthy partners.

Shiusha Mimi

Before each shipment, I will receive a series of fasteners test reports from AGICO. Fastener clip, fastener bolt, railroad ties, other bolts and fasteners. From factory inspection to pre-shipment sampling testing, AGICO is always a supplier

Romulo M. Awayan

For each shipment, AGICO always delivers on time. No matter what happens in the middle, they will actively solve it and will never delay the delivery time of our customers. Absolutely put the interests of our customers first, and this is the quality supplier we are looking for.

Frequently Asked Question
We have passed the certification of CRCC in China and ISO9001:2008 overseas. Before shipment, Certificate of Quality can be supplied. We also accept Third Party Inspection from clients, with free samples to supply.
20’’ container in general, depending on whether enough stocks available for small quantity; customized products accepted.
Quality of AGICO rail joints is guaranteed by a special heat treatment. When the train is running, rail joints (railway fish plates) play an important role in connecting and fastening rails as well as keeping the integrity of rails. While the speed and load of rails are increasing, it requires a higher performance to the property of rail joints. A rail joint can connect two rails with six bolts. Relying on the up and down shoulder slopes and the fastening with rails, it can support the large load during the train’s runtime, the fretting wear and other complex stresses.
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