100km Rail Of Mining Project In Indonesia

Three months ago, we received an order of 43kg rail and UIC60 rail joint bar from our customer in Indonesia. The project is a mining railway in northern Indonesia with a total length of 100 kilometers. This time, the customer is an Indonesian railway contractor. After many comparisons, they finally choose to cooperate with our company. This order includes 2,000 tons of rails and approximately 1000 tons of fasteners. According to customer requirements, the rail is a UIC60 standard rail, and the specification of UIC60 rail is 43 kg. Among them, 1000 tons of fasteners include UIC60 rail joint bar, fish bolt and base plate for UIC60 rail.
43kg rail for mining project

The project lasted three months, from the initial drawing to the subsequent selection of materials, we have a detailed communication with the customer at each step. We have discussed with the customer for several days about whether the UIC60 rail joint bar surface is coated or not, and from various angles, we finally determined the production plan of the UIC60 rail joint bar. We have also mailed 43kg rail samples to our customers many times to test whether the 43kg rails meet customer requirements, until we have produced products that meet customer needs.

By the end of September, the last batch of UIC60 rail was issued from the port. All the 2,000 tons of UIC60 rail in this project, 1000 tons of UIC60 rail joint bar and fish bolts were all shipped.

Name of Project 43kg rail with UIC60 rail joint bar to build a 100km rail of mining
Place of Project Indonesia
Name of Purchaser Local rail contractor in Indonesia
Starting Date of Delivery 2018.7
Ending Date of Delivery 2018.9
Project Description 2000tons UIC60 rail with about 1000ton fasteners to build a 100km rail of mining