QU80 Rail And Gantrail Rail Clamp Project In United States

The main products of this order include QU80 rail, Gantrail 9216/08/40 rail clamp and rail pad. This order is placed by our American distributor, whose rail products are used by their customers in the United States. According to customer's requirement, each product has strict product specification. The size of QU80 rail is 80Wx130Wx130Hx32Tx12000L, use material U71Mn, 12m/ root. The material of Gantrail 9216/08/40 rail clamp is Q345B. The Gantrail 9216/08/40 rail clamp is used on JIS 50N rail. The size of rail pad is 140Wx7Hx12000L, raw material is NBR + Steel plate, and the length of each roll is 12 meters. The shipments of QU80 steel rail, rail clamp and rail pad are 16, 740 sets and 17 rolls.

QU80 Rail And Gantrail Rail Clamp

QU80 rail is one of crane rail, commonly used for laying large carne tracks. Besides QU80, crane rail also includes several specifications such as QU70, QU100 and QU120. AGICO Railway has the strength to carry out the production of the above specifications crane rail. We can also produce various types of light rail, such as 12kg/m, 15kg/m, 18kg/m, 22kg/m, 24 kg/m, 30 kg/m. The length of light rail can reach 6-12 meters, and material supports Q235, 50Q and 55Q. If you are interested in our products, please send us a inquiry.

Name of Project QU80 Rail And Gantrail Rail Clamp Project
Place of Project The United States
Starting Date of Delivery 2017.11
Ending Date of Delivery 2017.12
Project Description Supply rail and rail clamp for customer of American distributor