american standard fish plate

Rail Fish Plates Meet AREMA Standard

The hot sale rail fish plates include 115RE AREMA rail fish plate, 119RE AREMA rail fish plates, 132RE, 136RE AREMA rail fish plates, ect. They correspond to the following sizes of rails respectively: 115RE AREMA rail, 119RE AREMA rail, 132RE&136RE AREMA rail. They all meet AREMA standard, which are requirements in the US and Canada. American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) is a very powerful railway organization in North American. The rail fish plates shipped to North America are required to meet the AREMA standard.

Below is the technical data of American standard fishplate:
  • Standard: AREMA 2018
  • Material: Chinese steel grade 50#
  • Size: 115RE, 119RE, 132RE, 136RE, 141RE
American standard fish plate American standard fish plate
115-119RE Rail Joint Bar 132-36-41RE Rail Joint

Popular Types of AREMA Standard Fishplate

Standard Type Length/Diameter Weight /Material
AREMA 2018 115RE 4 hole-24" 17.04Kg
115RE 6 hole-36" 25.56Kg
132-136RE 4 hole-24" 17.75Kg
132-136RE 6 hole-36" 26.63Kg

Packing Methods of AREMA Rail Fish Plates

We can use iron tray packing rail fish plates

This method is to place the iron tray ender the rail fish plate. The iron bars were fixed around, and the iron bars passed through the hollow iron tray.

Use wooden box to wrap rail fish plates

This method also needs to bundle the rail fishplates with a steel band. After placing them in the wooden box, reinforcing the steel band outside the box. This method is suitable for more bumpy transportation, but the cost is relatively.
Packing Methods of AREMA Rail Fish Plates