Thermit Welded Fishplate For UIC60 Thermit Welding Rails Project

This order is from a customer in Thailand. The order includes 20 UIC60 standard 6-hole fishplates and 8 thermit welded fishplates for routine maintenance of thermit welding rails. This shipment of thermit welded fishplate is the first batch of orders, and the subsequent orders are expected to be completed in the second half of this year.

What is Thermit Welded Fishplate?

Thermit Welded Fishplate For Thermit Welding Rails

The thermit welded fishplate is also called machined fishplate or emergency fishplate. It differs from ordinary fishplates in that it has no holes. The surface of the machined fishplate is smoother and more suitable for welding operation. It is usually used on the joint of the thermit welding rails and is a supplementary reinforcement to the welding points. There is no need to install a thermit welded fishplate at the welded joint of the rail. If there is a crack or a risk of cracking in the weld joint, it is necessary to use the thermit welded fishplate at the weld.

How are Steel Rails Connected?

  • Ordinary rails, usually connected by fishplate fasteners. According to the type of rail, choose the right fishplate with track bolts for connection. For example, the UIC60 rail is matched with the UIC60 6-hole fishplate and 6 fishtail bolts.
  • Seamless rail connection means that two sections of rail are welded together by welding. The gap between the rails connected in this way is smaller, which is suitable for high-speed railway lines.

Welded joint of steel rail
CWR(Continuous Welded Rail) rail butt welding usually adopts air pressure welding or contact welding under factory conditions. The advantage of this method is that there are relatively few impurities inside the solder joint and the rail is more stable.

When the rail is replaced on the main line of the seamless line and there is no condition for gas pressure welding or contact welding, the rail is generally welded by thermit welding. The disadvantage of this method is that impurities and bubbles are easily left inside the solder joint, which affects the service life of rail and the safety of running. Therefore, it is necessary to check the status of welded joints frequently. If cracks occur, thermit welded fishplate should be installed as external support to reinforce welded joint of the rails.