concrete railway sleepers

Characteristics of Concrete Railway Sleeper

Concrete railway sleeper has a wide range of material sources and is good or rail stability. Concrete railway sleeper also named concrete railway tie, it can meet the requirements of high speed and large transportation capacity on main railway lines. It is free from the effects of climate, decay, worms and fire. Therefore, concrete railway tie has a long service life. But it has poor flexibility and is easy to fail because of the crack. Besides, its self-weight makes the replacement get difficult. Anybody who want to buy concrete railway sleepers for sale can focus on the details below.


Classification of Concrete Railway Sleeper

  • A. As different manufacturing processes: ordinary concrete railway sleeper, pre-stressed concrete railway sleeper
  • B. As different diameters of reinforcement sizes: steel string (High strength steel string) and steel bar (high strength steel bar)
  • C. Nowadays there are three types of concrete sleepers, which are used together on different types of railway tracks.
  • D. Wide concrete sleeper
    In recent years, in order to continuously support the rails, wide concrete railway sleepers are laid on the track bed.
    a. The larger bottom area can make per unit area of bottom ballasts bear smaller load, reduce the total subsidence of the rail, prevent uneven subsidence and the increase of the bed friction and improve horizontal stability of the rail (Horizontal resistance doubles than concrete sleeper) and intensity.
    b. Continuous laying work can make the gap between the sleepers much smaller, which can keep the track neat and beautiful and track bed clean, and reduce related maintenance workload.

Shape of Concrete Railway Sleepers

The cross section of various types of concrete railway sleepers: A trapezoid shape with a narrow upper and lower width. The shape design is to increase the bearing area of railway tie. In the lower part of the sleeper more steel bars can be arranged with to resist the cracking and damage phenomenon. Meanwhile, some grooves are designed at the bottom of railway sleeper in order to improve the resistance force between the track bed and the sleeper.

The Usage Rules of Concrete Railway Tie

Usage Rules of Concrete Railway Tie

Railway lines the concrete railway tie shall not be used on: temporary lines, yard lines; the lines easily impacted by frozen damage, mudding and dumping, the lines with instable bases; below 200m radius of curved lines.

At both ends of ballasted or non-ballasted railway bridge, turnout, normal crossing, 15 pieces of wooden sleepers shall be laid there as a transitional section. If the junction of wooden sleeper and concrete sleeper lies in the joint of rails, we shall extended five more additional sleepers. We shall not lay two types of railway sleepers in a cross-mixed method.

Damage and Causes of Concrete Railway Sleepers

  • A. Cracks: No gaps are left between the bottom part of concrete sleeper and the ballasts at the center of the railway line.
  • B. Knock injury: it is caused by poor load and unload, transportation, laying and maintenance
  • C. Shoulder damage: it is mainly caused by the lateral force of the train.
  • D. Rolling injury of derailment accidents
  • E. Damage of screw spike
  • F. The connection problem between the rails 

As using compromised fish plate, the plate is easily broken. So the use of bridge type tie plate shall be needed simultaneously as possible as we can.

Prevention and Treatment Measures of Concrete Railway Sleeper

  1. In the processes of transportation, loading and unloading operations, we should pay attention to no knocks.
  2. Track lifting work shall be performed in the way of lightness. The damage by Track lifting machine on the railroad sleeper shall be forbidden.
  3. Tamping work shall be strengthened. The tamping under the rails shall be done enough, and the middle part of the gap shall be left in accordance with the rules.
  4. Cleaning the track bed as planned to improve the flexibility of the track bed to prevent the hardened and mudding phenomenon.
  5. Keeping the fastener performance to prevent rail creeping phenomenon, and timely making proper adjustment and right replacement of the fasteners with the failures.
  6. Making the replacement of rail rubber pad on the sleeper with the failures timely.

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