Apart from exporting lots of railroad fasteners to many countries around the world, AGICO has made great contribution to the construction of many railways in China.

Railway Projects All Over The World
  • New Guangzhou Railway Station, the largest passenger station project in Asia.
  • Hainan East Ring Railway Engineering
  • The second rail station project from Shimen to Changsha
  • The new railway from Xiamen to Shenzhen
  • New railroad engineering project from Fuyang to Liuan
  • Relocation projects of Changsha South and North Stations
  • The newly built railway engineering project from Haian to Yangkou Port
  • Wuhan locomotive maintenance base engineering
  • New railroad construction from Xi’an to Pingxian
  • Harbin Dalian passenger railway line
  • Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Electrification Engineering
  • The new Railway Passenger Dedicated Line from Harbin to Qigihar
  • North Eastern Railway Construction Project
  • Changchun Railway Station renovation project
  • The new Harbin West Railway Station Project
  • The new Xi'an to Pingxian railway project construction
  • Hami truck south central line project
  • The new Harbin West Railway Station Project