Wooden Railroad Ties Truss Plates

The truss plate is used for wooden railroad ties(wooden sleepers) to prevent the wood from cracking. The truss plate is a multifunctional plate used for connecting or repairing wood, and its design structure is particularly suitable for fixing the ends of the wooden railroad ties against cracking. The truss plate not only has a small initial investment but also saves the maintenance cost of the follow-up wooden railroad ties. It is an indispensable protective part that needs to be added to the pavement section of wooden railroad ties.
Wooden Railroad Ties Truss Plates

Features of Truss Connector Plates

Truss plates are used to connect wood of the same thickness on the same plane. When used on a truss, it can be pressed into the side of the wood with a hydraulic press or roller. When the toothed nail board is pressed into the wood, all the teeth are driven into the wood fiber at the same time, and the compression between adjacent teeth reduces the tendency of the wood to split.
Truss nail plates

  • The reinforcement structure is added inside the truss connector plate to increase the rigidity of the connector plate fixation.
  • All holes in the truss nail plates are flush to help position the nail and ensure the flatness of the truss nail plate.
  • The use of a galvanized coating, anti-corrosion performance are better.
  • A variety of shapes are available. The size and shape of the truss connector plate can be adjusted according to the size of the customer's wooden railroad ties(wooden railway sleepers).
Wooden Railroad Ties Truss Plates Specification
Model Material Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(Kg)/Pcs Package size(mm) Pcs/Package
TN543801 DX51-Z275 54 38 8 1 0.015 220*220*150 500
TN86561 DX51-Z275 86 56 8 1 0.038 220*220*150 200
TN1002581 DX51-Z275 100 25 8 1 0.02 220*220*150 500
TN1005081 DX51-Z275 100 50 8 1 0.04 220*220*150 200
TN10010081 DX51-Z275 100 100 8 1 0.079 220*220*150 100
TN20010081 DX51-Z275 200 100 8 1 0.157 220*220*150 50
TN19050121 DX51-Z275 190 50 12 1 0.07 210*200*210 100
TN127761 DX51-Z275 127 76 8 1 0.0654 210*200*230 100
TN1504081 DX51-Z275 150 40 8 1 0.047 220*200*220 200

Truss Nail Plates FAQ

Truss connector plates

Q: What is the maximum capacity of your factory?
A: The maximum capacity of our factory is 100 tons per day.

Q: Can we mark the parts?
A: We can provide marking services, and we have professional laser marking machines.

Q: Do your railroad fasteners have after-sales service?
A: Of course, we provide technical support and after-sales service, and provide 100% guarantee for our products.